Our Staff

Our Staff

Alexandra Fields

Alexandra Fields, Founder and Operator

Alex earned her Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with a focus on English education in urban schools at Harvard University. Prior to that, she earned her Bachelor's degree at Rutgers University as a double major in English and Psychology, and she is currently working on completing her doctorate in Literacy, Culture, and Language from Indiana University.  She taught as a public middle school teacher in high-poverty schools for years prior to transitioning into her position as a college professor.  While working as a public school teacher, Alex came to realize the importance of incorporating social justice curriculum into her everyday instruction, and when she decided to transition into higher education, she focused on teaching developmental courses at a community college with the goal of continuing to empower and educate students who are often disenfranchised.  While employed as a professor of English and Education at Burlington County College, Alex developed and taught numerous courses that focused on empowering students to become change agents in their communities.  She also founded and managed the college's Bonner AmeriCorps Program, a nationally recognized and federally supported service program that connects college students with local non-profits and encourages community service and civic engagement, and she wrote and received numerous grants to support this work.  Now, in her current role as a college professor at Middlesex County College, Alex also serves as the Reading Coordinator of her department and as Co-faculty Coordinator of  Service Learning, and she continues to actively incorporate social justice curriculum into all of her instruction.  Her current research efforts focus on the impact of critical service learning on students' development of empathy across ideological differences and on how critical service learning can be used as a tool of empowerment for students experiencing marginalization.   Alex has developed and presented seminars, workshops and trainings at numerous conferences and for a variety of organizations throughout the nation on issues of social justice and cultural competencies, classroom management and instruction, best practices in literacy education, and supports for students with learning disabilities.


Angeline Dean

Angeline Dean, Consultant

Angeline Dean earned a Master’s Degree in Community and Economic Development and a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science.  She currently serves as a cultural diversity trainer for Subaru Corp. of America and as a consultant for Faith in NJ/PICO  (People Improving Lives through Organizing) as the Statewide Transportation Coordinator.  In addition, through her work with PICO, she has trained the youth and clergy in Ferguson, Missouri, and she is currently working with youth in Baltimore, Maryland on the development of a social justice handbook for youth.  Not only does Angeline offer over two decades of managerial and operational experience in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors, but through her passion for community development, she has become politically active throughout the state of New Jersey.  Angeline has served multiple terms as the Burlington County Committee-woman of District 2, and she is a five-year member of the Burlington County Child Placement Review Board and the Supervised Parent Visitation Board.  In 2012, Angeline released her first children’s book, Not Just a Slave, which was submitted for the Coretta Scott King award in 2013.  She has been a featured speaker on WTMR and WIMG radio programs as well as a guest speaker in many venues.  Recently, Angeline appeared on the largest national and international Christian TV program - TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network) which featured a segment on her book as well as a discussion on the importance of training in the field of cultural competency/relevancy. This past spring, she served as a guest co-facilitator for the Trenton NAACP forum on Civil Rights, and she has been selected to sit with a small cohort of leaders to discuss bridging communities for the Harwood Institute of Public Innovators, which will result in a national report for the Kettering Foundation. She also shares a seat on the Governor’s Human Relations Commission (HRC) in which she will chair a pilot Jr. HRC in Trenton, New Jersey, and she has recently been named the NJ Assistant State Coordinator for the White-house Initiative on Prayer.  Angeline was also selected to co-author a chapter in the book Voices of the 21st Century, which was released in December 2013, and she has two more books slated for publishing—Identity Crisis 911: If Our Children Aren’t at the Table of Education, They are Probably On the Menu, and Are Too Many of Today’s Religious City Institutions the New Slave Masters and/or Plantation--to which she is also plans to develop a documentary.  As a partner in In Black & White Education, Angeline uses her extensive background in community development and cultural diversity to educate both non-profit and for-profit businesses in the area of cultural competencies and diversity training.

Stacy Lim

Stacy Lim, Consultant

Stacy earned her Masters of Business Administration with a specialization in finance, which helped her turn her love of tea into a career.  She founded, owns, and operates Butiki, LLC, a successful luxury tea company that focuses on high quality, unique, and rare teas.   Prior to starting this venture, Stacy joined Tucker Capital, where she was responsible for compiling and analyzing market data in education, publishing and media.  As a part of the acquisition, merger and strategic advisory teams at Tucker, Stacy researched essential data, including competitive information, market research, competitive positioning and alliances, market intelligence, as well as data to support key industry trends. Stacy had the vital role of developing an accurate market picture and making strategic recommendations for such notable companies as National Geographic School Publishing Group, Harlequin Enterprises, The JASON Foundation for Education, Gopher Sport, and The National Campaign for SAFE KIDS.  Prior to joining Tucker Capital, Stacy worked for Policy Studies of Denver, CO. and The Academy of Medicine in Princeton, NJ. 

Megan Reid

Dr. Megan Reid, Consultant/Senior Analyst

Megan earned her PhD in sociology from the University of Texas at Austin.  Her graduate school training focused on rigorous research methods and high quality report writing and dissemination of findings.  Megan’s areas of substantive interest and scholarly expertise include poverty and social policy, women’s and gender issues, and racial and ethnic inequalities.  Her dissertation research focused on the housing challenges faced by families displaced by Hurricane Katrina and the ways in which assistance policies were structured to inadvertently disadvantage low-income, single parent, and minority families.  She is currently a Project Director at the National Development and Research Institutes.  As Project Director, Megan manages a research team examining the strengths and challenges of non-traditional family structure among low-income Black families and its impact on adolescent and young adult outcomes.  Her primary responsibilities include qualitative and quantitative data collection, data management, qualitative and quantitative data analysis, writing up and publishing project findings, and seeking additional funding for this and future projects.  She has received hands-on training in grant writing for proposals to state, federal, and private organizations and is currently consulting on the development of a Master’s degree granting program focused on public sociology for a private university.  Megan has a strong commitment to social justice and seeks to apply her skills to develop equitable solutions across a range of professional settings and needs.

Joel Lim

Joel Lim, Analyst

Joel earned his Bachelors of Accountancy from The College of New Jersey and soon after became a Certified Public Accountant.  His passion for analyzing data led to his current position as Controller for Sage Business Enterprises, Inc. in which he has managed the company’s finances for the past nine years.  Prior to Sage, Joel spent six years working as a Senior Accountant at Klatzkin & Company, LLP, a top regional independent CPA and advisory firm in the New Jersey area to whom he has continued to offer freelance services.  Joel’s strong background in accounting and budget analysis coupled with his passion for social justice has led to his new role as an analyst for Fields of Innovation.