Fields of Innovation

Fields of Innovation was founded based upon the belief that all people - irrespective of their race, class, age, culture, sex, religion, ability or gender identity - are entitled to learn and work in inclusive, culturally responsive environments.   We recognize that there are a variety of systemic inequities that often lead to the disenfranchisement or marginalization of students, employees, and community members, and we believe that responsible educators and educational institutions have a duty to teach culturally responsive curriculum that promotes respect for all people and agency in which all people feel valued and able to create positive changes.  

We also believe that educational institutions have a duty to support sustainable environmental practices and promote a respect for all living creatures in order to support the health of our planet and its many fragile ecosystems.  Therefore, all of our services and products have been developed with the larger goal of working to help educational organizations and those whom they serve - including students, staff, parents, and community members - learn to work together to create socially and environmentally responsible and engaged citizens.